Paying for your treatment

To book your initial consultation, a fee of £200 is payable and can be paid over the telephone with a debit or credit card. We accept major credit card providers except American Express.

Following your initial consultation and receiving your individualised quotation, if you decide to go ahead with your treatment you can call us to book your surgical date and pay the surgical deposit of £500 through a debit or a credit card. The remaining balance should be paid 10 weeks before surgery through BACS transfer only. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept card payments for this amount. Our account details can be found on your invoice.

If you have any queries regarding your invoice, please call us on from 01179 114 000 during office hours.

Pre-operative assessment appointment

A pre-operative assessment is required for all patients having surgery under general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia and/or sedation in line with NICE Guidelines. This will be a face-to-face appointment that will take approximately 1 hour but please allow up to 2 hours for this appointment.

During this appointment our nurse will assess if you are fit and well for the surgery and will thoroughly review your past medical history, hospital admissions and any current medications that you are taking.

All patients are required to undergo a blood test as part of this appointment. The number and type of tests will depend on your current health status and the treatment you are having.

This appointment is also an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you may have therefore it is always helpful if you write them down before attending your appointment.

Please ensure that you bring with you a copy of your GP summary if you have not given these to us prior to this appointment. If you are taking any medication, please bring with you a list of the medication name, dosage, and strength. Our nurse will give you some general advice on the preparations you are expected to do before you come to the hospital for your surgery, as well as any after care requirements once you leave the hospital.

You can eat, drink and take your medications as normal on the day of this appointment. It might help that you wear loose fitting clothes, or ones that are easy to separate, such as a top and a bottom, to allow for ease of any physical examination while always preserving your dignity.

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Pre-operative assessment appointment
Preparation for your surgery Preparation for your surgery

Preparation for your surgery

The day before you will have received confirmation and details of your imminent surgery along with instructions on how to prepare for this day.

Below are reminders of what you are expected to do prior to arrival. It is extremely important that you follow the fasting times as failing to do so can cause serious risks during anaesthetic and your surgery could be cancelled or postponed.

If you are expected to arrive at the hospital in the morning: PLEASE DO NOT EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT.

If you are expected to arrive after 12 noon: you can have a LIGHT BREAKFAST (a bowl of porridge, cereal or slice of toast with fruit or yogurt) but please note that this should be BEFORE 6 A.M.

Refrain from alcohol consumption 24 hours before your surgery.

On the day of your surgery

On the morning of admission, please take a shower or bathe using antiseptic soap. Please refrain from using oily products such as body lotion, hair conditioner, makeup, and hairspray. Please wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

For breast surgeries, it is important that you wear front buttoned top to avoid arm movements. Please ensure that you arrive on time as per the instructions given by a member of our administration team to allow plenty of time for admission process.

You are allowed small sips of water, just enough to moisten your mouth, up to one hour before your operation time. If you are currently taking medication daily, take this as normal unless you were told otherwise by our pre-assessment nurse or the surgeon to pause intake for a number of days before your surgery. Please ensure that you bring a 3 day supply to the hospital with you.

Please remove any body piercings that are located on the site of the surgery. For tongue piercings, all patients are required to remove these prior to attending the hospital. It is advisable to take off as much jewellery as you can and leave them at home as well as any other valuables as we cannot always guarantee secure storage. However, bring reading materials or electronics that can entertain you during your time at the hospital.

You can bring your preferred personal hygiene products although hotel standard amenities are provided. You can bring a change of clothes although hospital gowns, dressing gowns and slippers are also available for your utmost comfort.

If you are suddenly unwell or have developed cold, fever or a respiratory infection, call the hospital immediately for guidance.

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On the day of your surgery
After your surgery

After your surgery

Even if you are going home on the same day, you are still expected to adhere to guidance below when leaving the hospital and once you are home.

The number of nights you need to stay at the hospital will depend on your type of surgery and this will have been confirmed with you prior to this day. On very rare occasions, you might need to extend your stay longer than planned if you need more time to be cared for by our nursing and medical team. All discharges occur in the morning by 10am. Please check with the nursing and medical team that you have all the medications you need to take home.

Leaving the hospital and when at home

Please arrange a relative or a friend to pick you up and transport you home. It is strongly advised that you make your journey home in a private transport, and it is advisable that someone stays. with you for 24 hours after your surgery.

Please note that anaesthetic and some painkillers can impair your judgment and physical ability following surgery therefore please don’t make important decisions or sign legal documents nor operate any machinery including driving for at least 48 hours post-surgery. Alcohol can alter the effect of some drugs therefore it is strongly advised that you refrain from drinking while you are taking your medications.

All these instructions will be provided for you in writing when you leave the hospital as well as details of your wound check appointment. Please keep your dressings and operation site dry until you see the surgeon or nurse for your one week post operative wound check appointment following surgery.

We don’t expect you to experience excessive bleeding or infection as these are extremely rare but if you feel suddenly unwell you have three options:

  1. Call the, North Bristol Private Hospital on 01179 114 000 available 24 hours a day for emergencies, during out of hours a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) will assess your condition and advise you further.
  2. Go to your nearest Accident and Emergency Hospital.
  3. Dial 999.
Leaving the hospital and when at home

Attending outpatient appointments

You will have been sent a map and directions along with your appointment letter, but you can also refer to our Contact Us page. If you need further assistance, call the Hospital Reception on 01179 114 000 during office hours.

There is an ample free parking at the hospital car park.

Please report your arrival at our main reception where a member of the team will assist you. If you need to change or update your address and personal details, you can also do this at our reception.

Please ensure that you bring a list of current medications and an up-to-date GP summary. We advise that you write down any questions you may have and bring this with you to your appointment. Following these instructions will make your visit as thorough, efficient, and as safe as it can be for you and your health professional.

We have booked your appointment date within a time frame that is the safest and most suitable for the treatment you are about to have, however, in extreme circumstances that you need to change your appointment please let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can make further arrangement.

Overnight Accommodation

If you need an overnight stay before your admission or for the person accompanying you home after discharge, there are choices of hotels located within a short walking distance of the hospital and within the local vicinity.

Please ask a member of staff if you require this as we can provide you with a discount code you can use to book the hotels.

North Bristol Private Hospital - Aztec Hotel

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Funding your procedure

Our aim is to provide the best surgical treatments available.

We understand the price of surgical treatments can be a crucial deciding factor for many patients however there is no one price fits all, and we provide prices commensurate with the level of surgical excellence being provided. We offer options of ways to pay including 0% finance.

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